Bigger Opportunity

It was this summer when I first saw this Korean commercial which shows how technological innovation would affect the future life style. The commercial shows that it is possible to maximize life style efficiency with a single touch of the screen or with small devices. Some people think it would provide lifeless atmosphere in the future because everything can be done very easily. However, this commercial is arguing technological development made by human-being offers bigger opportunities to have better technology and affluent society.

The mirror shows how we are in a good or bad health every time we brush our teeth and window in the house gives advice of a day. These kinds of thinking were never expected to become real a decade ago and we don’t know what kinds of new technology will come out after a decade. We know the life style before the digital age and sometimes we miss how we send the letter and wait for the reply. We still can write a letter but we would not do it every time because there are smartphones with free texts. People will say ‘no’ if we have choice to rewind the time.

Since the industrial revolution, the world has changed rapidly. It created many environmental problems such as global warming. However we now do have technologies that no longer harm earth. In the future I believe we will have methods that will generate energy without using resources and furthermore saving earth. All this can be possible because of the technological innovation.

Like the point of the commercial, we have invented this creative electric kingdom which helped us to have convenient life. These innovations will not provide lifeless atmosphere and these are not just tools for ‘easier life’ but rather be ‘life partner’.


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