A One-Stop Shop in the Cities

Since 2008, the sons of Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton, have been transforming the ideas behind the bar, the restaurant, and store.  Andrew and Eric Dayton have taken these single entities, revamped them, and combined them into a “one-stop shop” located in the North Loop neighborhood of Minneapolis, MN, a truly one of a kind feat.  The site at 200 North 1st Street was once a warehouse built in 1881, later expanded in 1902, and now houses the hip and trendy menswear and womenswear boutique, the elegant and old-school Marvel Bar, and The Bachelor Farmer restaurant with its Nordic inspired menu that takes much of its herbs and vegetables from its rooftop garden.  With this, visitors are free to experience the building on so many different levels.  They can choose to just go for a drink at Marvel Bar, go on a hunt for their new favorite Nordic-like handmade sweater, take their date out for lefse, grilled pork sausage, and Swedish pancakes and lingonberries, or any combination of the three.  They can also choose to explore the history of the building, much of it kept intact as decided by the brothers, which will earn them a 2012 Minnesota Preservation Award by Preservation Alliances of Minnesota. [1]

The innovation lies in the idea of creating a mixed use space owned and operated by the same people.  It’s in the decision to keep the vintage feel while maintaining the up-to-date.  It’s in the idea of trying to be sustainable when possible with the rooftop garden.  It’s in the experience which is all about the client rather than being so heavily directed through the spaces (like that of big box retail stores), which I for one appreciate, its more personal that way.  And I for one am looking forward to seeing more “one-stop shops” pop up in and around the cities.

And to make matters more interesting, recently the Dayton brothers purchased the adjacent building which was once the Historic Hennepin Hotel built in 1888.  They have no plans for the property, as stated on the Facebook page of Askov Finlayson, but I’m hoping they stick with the roots of the building and take their “one-stop shop” to the next level with a bed and breakfast.[2] One-stop stay-overnight and shop anyone?


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