Technology and Communication


Over the course of time technology has continued to provide us with new means of communication and interaction amongst each other. It can be said that the evolution of certain technologies are related to the change in the way we as people communicate and interact with one another. The advancement of technologies with regards to communication; such as cell phones and social medias, have somehow caused us to distance ourselves from one another. We no longer need to be in the same room as the person we wish to talk to in order have a conversation. A quick dial on the phone or instant message on the computer is typically enough to satisfy our need for social communication. However, this has caused a slight hindrance in our communication skills. Due to the fact that most people now would choose texting, emailing, or communicating through social medias over calling or physically interacting with one another, interacting face-to-face has become a much more daunting task than it had been in previous generations. The fact that most of the communication done today is virtual, people forget how to communicate in social settings such as in interviews, the workplace, or even within families. Social media and other similar innovations have caused people to distance themselves from one another both physically and mentally; some without even noticing.


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