Communication Innovation

It’s 2012. We are in the information age. It is common to see people young and old attached, quite literally, at the hip to their Blackberry, iPhone, Windows, or other mobile phone. These devices can do nearly anything you want them to, even respond to a question that you ask it. At this moment, my iPhone has an application for e-mail, texting, calling, GPS, a web browser, Facebook, the weather, an alarm clock, a flashlight, music, reading books—the list could go on forever. Any short cut or game needed can easily be downloaded.

With the increasing presence and reliance on mobile phones, a question arises: is it appropriate for someone to have their phone with them at all times? Of course not. You need a break from perpetually sending text messages or browsing the Internet; however, not everyone sees it this way. Mobile devices allow people to work, even after they have left the office. Technology has weakened the barrier between home and work. Ten to fifteen years ago your work phone or computer was either too heavy or  had too many cords to come home with you. Workers are constantly connected to their business email, calendar, and phone anytime they want to be.

Though disruptive, the technology we use continues to develop and make life easier, in one way or another. Without constant improvement of our gadgets society would become frustrated. We are so use to being able to frequently upgrade to the quickest and newest devices and appliances that without new products we would be dissatisfied. Technological innovations must be made to advance and keep society happy.


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