Basotect Foam Acoustic

In 2011, BASF, a chemical company based in Asia, created a light weight flexible foam called Basotect. It has been recognized for its superior properties as well as the successful application at Dongsheng National Fitness Center Stadium in northern China. It was installed to optimize acoustics in the retractable roof to better the stadium’s atmosphere. I believe this product is extremely innovative because it was also awarded for being a “green product.” As society continues to develop on the cusp of sustainability, we must appreciate all alterations to becoming more environmentally friendly. Some acoustics are dulled by using fabric walls and the creation of which involves processes that harm the environment. By using a foam product, the harm to the environment is much less severe. I believe this invention may surpass the use of fabric walls because it is less expensive and easier to create. Acoustical dampening foam is also more efficient because it is more porous. I am not completely sure if this would have a behavioral or social effect on those using the areas with foam acoustics because it only affects their hearing. Perhaps they would be more content to be in a situation with pleasing sound circumstances and they would be more apt to listen to lectures, or what have you, in that space.


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