Always Dry, All the Time

Material innovation has been waiting for a product that can improve real life and advance any other technology. Something that can innovate and improve how we live our lives, can be of great benefit to society. The following material innovation, that I have been following for a while, sheds new light on materials that protect.

The product is called NeverWet. It is a protective coating that has many applications to protect and save products and materials from certain ruin. How it works, is when water sits on a dry surface, it sits in a puddle. This product makes the water bead up and sit on the surface in an almost perfect sphere. The result is that water literally “runs” off of a surface on which NeverWet is applied.

Why is this innovative? Imagine a newly built solar panel that is exposed to harsh water such as rain and ice. This product has the ability to protect the surface by removing all water and avoiding water buildup and ice buildup. The result is a protective coating that cannot be damaged by water in any form. The applications are endless. From protecting metal from corroding to keeping bacteria away from medical tools. It can be used on anything from a building facade to a shoe. It is also self cleaning. When it runs off of a surface, it picks up the dirt and grime that cannot stick, and washes it away.

Such a product can save thousands of dollars a year on repairs, cleaning, and upgrades to buildings and products. I am very inspired by this product, and how its applications are literally endless. I suggest you watch the videos on their website, as they do more justice of showing how great the product is, then I can write here.



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